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My boyfriend spends a lot of time with his ex

If your boyfriend spends a lot of time with his ex, you should be very concerned. First you need to find out if they were friends before they started dating. If they were friends before they started dating, then it might be a little hard to separate the two, because they might have a real friendship. Your boyfriend and his ex might have been friends first, and made the mistake of trying out a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

If they weren't friends first, then you should be concerned, because usually one of the two still has romantic feelings for the other. It is hard to get over somebody when you are still hanging out with them, so why wouldn't it be the same for your ex.

Traditionally, when two people break up, they say their final goodbyes, they part, and go their separate ways. When they don't part and go their separate ways, it's because there's some other feelings that are still there.

Your boyfriend knows if his ex still has feelings towards him. Do you think he's going to tell you, probably not. Why would he tell you, knowing you'll get mad and upset. If you think there is something going on, you should tell him how you feel. Don't ask him if he's still in love with her, or if she's still in love with him, all you're going to get is an answer that he thinks you want to hear.

If you think your boyfriend spends too much time with his ex, you should ask to join them when they're out together. If she's really just his friend, he should have no problem with you coming along. By hanging out with them, you can get a feel of what happens when they're together.

If your boyfriend is close with his ex, you should try to get close with her too. By doing this, his ex will understand how much you care for him, and if she really cares about him, then she will not try to come between the two of you.

If there are warning signs of your boyfriend and his ex still liking each other, you may have figured it out. If all he talks about is her, then more than likely he still has feelings towards her. Nobody talks about another person unless they like them. If his ex calls him all the time, even if she knows you two are with each other, she probably still likes him.

If your boyfriend spends time with his ex, you should ask yourself if you can handle the situation. If you tell him that you're uncomfortable with him and his ex, and he still insist on seeing her, then you have to realize that in certain situations, he may put his relationship with her over you.

If you can handle the situation with your boyfriend and his ex, then that's showing how much you are willing to take in order to stay with him. Your boyfriend should take notice and not hang out with her so much. You have to ask yourself, would it be right if you still hung out with your ex boyfriend while you are with your current boyfriend? If the answer is yes, it would be wrong, then apply the same answer to your boyfriend and his ex girlfriend.

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