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Helping an Alcoholic Spouse

Drinking alcohol can effect you health, friendships, employment, and your marriage. Alcoholism is a disease of the family. The drinking problems of a single person can effect all members of their family.

Being married to an alcoholic can be a very hard thing to do. If the couple has children, being married to an alcoholic can also be dangerous.

Many marriages break up because of the drinking problems caused by the spouse. Many cases of domestic abuse are caused when one or both spouses have been drinking. If a spouse goes from being a light drinker to needing alcohol to sustain a normal life, the non-alcoholic spouse may become shifted to take physical care of their spouse, due to the alcohol affecting the body.

Alcohol abuse can increase the level of marital distress. A happy marriage is related to a couples strong ability to communicate. But alcohol abuse is associated with negative communication, with more hostile expressions of anger and sadness.

Alcohol can decrease the drinking spouses ability to participate in everyday household activities. This inability can cause greater stress on the non-drinking spouse and can lead to a disastrous marriage.

When you are in a marriage that suffers from alcoholic abuse, it's more likely for you to get a divorce. Alcohol problems are more likely to produce violent behavior, poor communication, and an increase of marital stress. If the alcoholic drinks away from the home, that takes away from the time spent as a married couple. The more time spent apart, the more stressful the marriage can get.

In a marriage where one of the spouse has a drinking problem, important family issues such as family finances, sexual intimacy, and issues with children go unresolved, because it's easier to avoid communicating with an alcoholic, than have a conversation that might become negative.

If you are in a marriage where your spouse is an alcoholic, try to get them help as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get help, the more likely it will get worst. Remember that being an alcoholic affects the whole family, try getting help from immediate family members. Getting help from a marriage counselor may also be an option in helping your spouse recover from being an alcoholic.

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