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One of a kind gifts made from recycled material

Here's a list of items that can give you an idea of what recycled or homemade gifts you may want to buy.

The news is beige bracelet. This one-of-a-kind bracelet is made from recycled news magazines. The elegance comes from the beads that are made from glass. You can find this bracelet at

Maasai Zulu-grass Necklace. This handmade necklace is made from grass to help preserve the African heritage and protect the planet. You can find this necklace at

Sweater Critters. These unique handmade stuffed critters are made from reused wool sweaters and is a great gift for children. You can purchase this item at

Branch Clock. This rugged looking clock is made from wood in it's natural design. This clock comes with solid brass desk stand. You can find this clock at www.

Wildwood candle and bases. This item is made from hand-split Western-Red Cedar and is available in two sizes. You can find this item at

Fill Me Up Vase-facets. This vase is made from flat plastic and is great for reuse. You can find this item at

Motherboard Money Clip. This interesting gift is made from a circuit board used in computers and t. v. sets. This item can be found at

Eco-Chic Desk Calendar. This unique gift is made from 100% recycled paper. This item comes with a wood block holder made from reclaimed lumber. You can get this gift at

Flip Flop Mats. This one-of-a-kind mat is made from recycled rubber from flip flop sandals. You can find this at

Typewriter Key Cuff Links. These trendy cufflinks are made from authentic typewriter keys. You can get these cufflinks at

Paper Mouse Pads. Tired of looking at your old mouse pad. This unique mouse pad is made from paper and you can also use it as a notepad. Great gift for computer lovers.You can find this gift at

Snow Ski Rocker. Why go to the Aspens when you can feel right at home by sitting in your Snow Ski Rocker made from recycled snow skis. You can find this rocking chair at

Organic Kitty Bat Balls. This Season, your pet cat can get involved in saving the earth by playing with bat balls hand made from organic, dye-free wool from small farms in the United States. You can find these balls at www.

Blue Transit Chair. This eco-friendly chair is made from recycled traffic signs. This item is available at www.

Martini Glowblock Lamp. This unique lamp is made from recycled steel and is perfect gift for the holiday season. This gift can be found at

Coffee Money Coin Purse. This unique gift is for those that have everything. This purse is made from recycled polypropylene so it's eco-friendly. You can get this purse at

Ice Cube Alphabet Trays. This is a very cool gift that will put a smile on your loved ones face. This ice tray is made from reusable silicone and is great for the environment. You can purchase this gift at

Hand printed Linen Guest Towel. This is one of the most unique gifts available. Made from eco-friendly dyes, this towel has fresh fig leaves that are painted onto the fabric. You can get this gift at

Cotton Patchwork Hat. This colorful hat is made from recycled cotton sock leftovers and is a must buy for the winter season. You can find this gift at

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