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    Cooking Tips 

  • When preparing meals that call for canned crabmeat, be sure to pick through the crabmeat to make sure it doesn’t contain any shells.
  • When you cook beans, first wash them. If you wash them, you are washing away excess sodium that your body doesn’t need.
  • Keep rice from becoming sticky by adding a splash of lemon juice to the water while it is boiling.
  • Prevent tearing when cutting an onion by:
    • Putting the onion in the freezer for 5 minutes before you cut it or
    • Cut the onion while it is underwater
  • Let a roast sit for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing it. This extra time will allow juice to venture from the center of the roast to more outer parts.
  • If you add salt to boiling water, the water will take longer to boil.
  • Throw away bulging canned food. A bulging can in a sign of infection with botulinum. Botulinum is a bacterium that causes botulism.
  • Food takes longer to cook on a stormy day because the atmospheric pressure is lower and the boiling point of water is lower than the usual 212 degrees F.
  • For a mouthwatering, juicy burger, handle the meat as least as possible. The more you handle the meat, the drier the hamburger will be.
  • If you need more protein in your diet, use turkey in your recipes instead of beef and chicken. Turkey has 8% more protein and less fat than beef or chicken.
  • The USDA recommends precooked ham reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees F to minimize the risk of contracting trichinosis. Trichinosis causes intestinal disorders, fever, nausea, muscular pain, and excessive swelling of the face.
  • When melted, cheddar cheese hardens more quickly than a processed cheese like Velveeta.


Storage tips 

  • Store an apple with potatoes to keep the potatoes from sprouting
  • Don’t store brown rice longer than 6 months. The brown coating causes the rice to go rancid much quicker than white rice.

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