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Sunscreen, Why it is Important...

Sunscreens are a preventive health practice that is safe, economical and which can greatly reduce your chances of developing skin cancer. Sunscreens will lower your risk of skin cancer and protect your skin from looking weathered and aged before its time.

Many individuals do not feel they appear vital and healthy unless they have a suntan. It is nearly impossible to reverse the signs of early aging. Expensive lotions, creams and vitamins will not rejuvenate skin that has been tanned for numerous years and damaged.

Recent studies show that UV light causes DNA mutations to occur in the skin. These mutations lead to cancer. Exposure to the sun thickens the skin and a tan is a sign of sun-injury. Sunscreen can protect the skin from these harmful effects.

Individuals who have light complexions should use a sunscreen with a protection of at least 30. Other individuals should use a sunscreen with at least a protection level of 15. All sunscreens should state they protect against UVA and UVB rays. No matter the degree of protection you are using, if you do not apply it correctly it will not protect your skin adequately. Sunscreen should be applied at least one-half hour before sun exposure.

Thousands of individuals die each year from skin cancer. Education about the sun and its harmful effects on the skin is being taught to children so they can protect their health and not repeat the mistakes of earlier generations. Attitudes are slowly changing as society realizes that the sun is something we should protect our skin from, and we should no longer be trying to soak it up. Those who want a tan are slowly turning to self-tanning lotions and sprays.

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