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Eye Exams

What is an Eye Exams?

Eye examinations are performed to evaluate all aspects of your vision. You should never assume that a vision test performed by someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or by your family doctor, is an eye examination, it is not. Eye examinations should be performed by eye doctors.

When you go to get an eye examination, it is important to understand that the doctor is doing more than checking for impaired vision. They are also checking to see if you have any signs of eye disease, or if they see any other problems that could lead to future loss of vision. Having eye exams on a regular basis is a preventive practice that should be taken as seriously as other routine, annual exams.

There are many eyes diseases that have no noticeable symptoms in their early stages. For instance, diabetic eye disease may have no early signs. Yet, there may be swelling of the macula and small leaks from blood vessels in the eyes which an eye doctor can detect. If not detected, it could lead to permanent vision loss. Eye doctors can also tell if you are showing symptoms of other diseases or conditions simply by looking into your eyes. Your eye can show signs of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more.

If you have a condition in your eyes, a treatment plan will be outlined for you. This can include contact lenses or glasses for burred vision, surgery or eye exercises for muscle problems, or even specific treatments, eye patches or drops for certain eye disease.

Schedule an eye appointment if you experience any of the following symptoms, as they should not be put off until your annual eye exam.

  • Loss of peripheral vision.
  • Loss or impaired frontal vision.
  • Eye irritation or prolonged redness of the eye.
  • Change of vision/blurry vision.
  • Difficulty telling colors apart.

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