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Payton, my 24 weeker

My water broke the day that I turned 24 weeks. My cell phone broke the day before so my 14 year son and I jumped in the car and I drove to the closest fire department. After checking for the baby's head they drove me to the hospital from there I was transferred to another hospital. I never had contractions so and ultra sound was done the next day to check on the baby. The tech discovered that my baby had stuck one foot out. I was taken back to the room and I put myself upside down in the bed to try to keep my baby in. Two days later I felt a pain and thought the baby pulled its leg and foot back inside of me. I told them I had to use the bathroom and the Dr. came in and did another ultra sound. They noticed the baby had stuck its other foot and leg out.

The next thing I know the Dr. said we have to take the baby now. I cried and prayed God please let my baby survive. The put me to sleep and did an emergency C-section. They had to take out one of three very large fibroids to get to her. When I came to my sister said you had a girl and they took her to the NICU. The Dr. came in and told me I had a girl and she weight 865 grams. After being in the NICU at the hospital I had her in for 8 days she was rushed to Children’s National hospital for suspicion of NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis).

They explained to me that if it's her entire intestines she will die because there is nothing they could do to save her. They did the first surgery which was to put a tube through her stomach to drain the fluid out. Two days later her 2nd surgery was to open her up and check to see how much of her intestines had NEC. It was 5 centimeters. The cut the NEC out and put and ostomy bag on her. Then they discovered she had Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) so she had to get a series of lung treatments.

A few weeks later they told me she had Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). They tried to give it a chance to close on its own but it never happened so they had to give her a PDA ligation (put a clip on her heart) she was 1lb 150z during her surgery. It was a successful surgery. She kept having Dsats (desaturations in her oxygen level) during her stay in the hospital she had about 8 to 10 blood transfusions. She also had a PICC line put in her which entered through her foot and stopped at her heart. Payton was taken off of the ventilator and put on Vapotherm. She was doing very well on the vapotherm. Later that week she was having a bad reaction to an infection so they gave her a spinal tap and ran a few test. I noticed after every eye exam she had goopy eyes. I reported this to The Dr. and they did a culture which came back positive for serratia which was a reaction to the eye drops the eye Dr used.

I stayed up there every night I needed her to know I was there. At 4lb 4oz Payton had a reanastomosis to put her intestines back inside of her stomach. She had a bad reaction and had to go on the oscillator. The next day I broke and dislocated my foot from my ankle. They tried to keep me but I was determined to get back to her. They let me leave and I spent the night with her. A few days later I had surgery but I made sure there was someone there with her for the 3day I had to rest. On the 4th day I was back in her room with her furniture surfing because she kept choking and I was rushing to her side. The next day she started choking again but this time the nurse thought the ventilator tube came out but that wasn’t the case she started having bronchospasms.

They called a code blue and 10 people rushed the room trying to save my baby's life. I thought I was going to lose it. After several minutes they finally got her breathing under control. Over the next week she was put on wall oxygen. The weaned her off of the Morphine to put her on the wall oxygen but she stared going through withdrawals and her heart rate kept going up to 220. So the put her back on a low dose weaned her off slower. A few weeks later Payton was sent home with a pulsox and heart monitor. After being home for 7 days she kept having Brady's (heart rate dropped very low) so she was admitted back into the NICU for 4 days. They said the Brady's may have been cause by Acid reflux and that all preemies get it. So she came home with meds for her lungs and meds for acid reflux. She also came home with a pulsox and an apnea monitor. She was on both for about a month and when they took her off I could sleep. I had to look and her and make sure her chest was rising and falling.

At her last pulmonary visit she was taken off of the machines and the meds. She is now 10lbs and 5oz and her development is slightly ahead of her corrected age.

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