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We are extremely grateful for every item we receive. We just have a few guidelines:


  • We cannot accept items made with wool or pompadour (babies may be allergic, and there is a possibility of static which is very dangerous to babies on oxygen)
  • Materials must be very soft and machine washable
  • Acrylic and cottons are best
  • Please our “Scratch Test” when choosing yarn. Rub the yarn on the inside of your forearm. If it feels scratchy it is too rough to be used to make preemie hats


A few generous knitters have donated some patterns. Feel free to use those or a pattern of your own. Our (very short) list of patterns is located here: If you would like to donate a pattern for charitable use only, please let us know.


  • We accept all colors and patterns
  • Bright and Pastel colors and baby patterns are most requested
  • Some of our recipients like holiday or season themed hats

Hat Sizes

Baby size: less than 1 pound
Circumference: 4” to 4.5”
Length: 3”

Baby size: 1 to 3 pounds
Circumference: 8.5” to 9”
Length: 3.5” to 4”

Baby size: 3 to 5 pounds
Circumference: 11” to 11.5”
Length: 4” to 5”

Baby size: 6 to 8 pounds
Circumference: 12” to 12.5”
Length: 5” to 6”

Our mailing address

Precious Preemie Project
Suite 2170, 281 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States of America

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