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Premature Baby Stories

Baby Dominick
Dionte born 25 weeks
Don't give up
Jake arrives 13 weeks early
My premature son
My three preemies
My 24 weeker
My twins
Our Oliver

We would like to thank the following volunteers for their generous contributions to the Precious Preemie Project. Each contribution is received with the greatest appreciation!

Alvaretta Roberts
Wendy Roberts
Cene Sykes
Suzanne Gay
Alan Lewis
Sandra Crumbley
Theresa Lewis
Knits for Needs
Kathie Wagner
Akilah Feagins
Tera Johnson
Gina Hohman
Florence Noeman
Carol Holding
Barb Porter
Brenda Budd
Agnes Berthelot
Nakieya Lewis
Shannon Adamson
Darlene Agresta
Pam Weintraub
Pam Ewing
Anita Bader
Maureen Estolas
Linda King
Angela Peckham
Amy Jordan
Shelia Duarte
Donna H. Meyer
Natalie Moore
Pam Moore
Karen Sroczynski
Halos of Hope
Lizzy Smith
Toni Roy
Kae Elliott
Sitinee Sheffert
Muriel Crosby
Rachel Bonitz
Joann Collins
Alcuin Montessori
Myrna Meyer
Lisa Morris
Phyllis Scheel
Gale Beaton
Tonya Vabishchevich
Rachel Glass
Baragwanath Blessings Inc.
Sherry Whitby
Debra Shimahara
Assunta Lee
Shirley Bledsoe
Marshall White
Victoria Navarro
Marie Franzosa
Fran Marcus
Elizabeth Halpern
Jane-Anne Maple
Chris Hilfiker
Marci Goodwin
Susan Iben
Jennifer Casey
Nina Islas
Diana Werner
Beverly J. Killick
Ty Teresah
Donna Mey
Regina Clower
Kelsey Begley
Jennifer Bogut
Autumn McNay
Jenna Isbell
Miriam Brooks
Teresa H.
Maddie & Mason
Rebecca Close
Stitch Up The World/Lisa Cote
D. Mitchell
Sullivan Group/Amy Baldukas
C. Chapman
Joan Zimmerman
Sherry King
Charlene Noto
Peg Gurl
T. Lannarelli
K. Morsilli

Help us out!

We accept yarn, gift cards (to purchase yarn and supplies), knitted hats, crocheted hats, knitting supplies, and crochet supplies.

We also need people to contact newspapers, bloggers, and writers to help us spread the word.

If you would like to send a donation to the Precious Preemie Project, mail it to:

Precious Preemie Project
Suite 2170, 281 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States of America

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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