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Mama's Motivational Pledges

Week of July 1st

I pledge to call my sisters and brothers more often.

I pledge to define my idea of what is needed for me to be successful.

I pledge to take a long, straight look at my fears and tackle them one at a time.

Week of July 6th

I pledge to relax and find solace in whatever may come my way.

I pledge to consult with my doctor about the uneasy feelings I have for my stepchild.

I pledge to read an inspirational quote each morning before I leave for work.

I pledge to not dwell or reflect on the past and look forward to a brighter future.

I pledge to find solace in knowing I raised my children with the very best guidance I had to offer.

Week of July 13th

I pledge to become the best I can in whatever I do.

I pledge to acknowledge the success of my brother by telling him how proud I am of him.

I pledge to write a book someday about my trials, tribulations, and accomplishments.

I pledge to make a difference in someone's life today.

I pledge to find time for myself atleast once a week.


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