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The Importance of a Medical Power of Attorney

Power of attorney documents are legal instruments which give a decision-making power to someone else for one reason or another. The power may relate to handling financial documents, real estate transactions or medical issues for the party who has such a document drafted. Medical power of attorney documents are extremely crucial ones as they provide individuals with peace of mind relating to future medical issues which may arise.

If a person has a medical power of attorney, their medical treatment and wellbeing will be looked after by someone else.

Defining the Medical Power of Attorney

A person who obtains a medical power of attorney does so in order to have someone appointed to pursue medical treatment for them should they be unable to express their wishes. Usually a person is unable to express their wishes if they are unconscious or in a coma. Some medical power of attorney forms will allow the individual to choose their preferred medical treatments ahead of time and state them within the document.

How to Obtain a Medical Power of Attorney

Obtaining a medical power of attorney is quite easy to do. There are many places where one can go to obtain a medical power of attorney such as hospitals, physician’s offices, attorneys and through online sources. It is important to check with a local agency or establishment regarding the medical power of attorney because each state will have requirements relating to the completion and witnessing of a medical power of attorney. In many states, there must be two witnesses to the signing of the medical power of attorney and there are restrictions with regard to who the witnesses may be.

Why Is the Medical Power of Attorney So Important?

The medical power of attorney is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps to ensure that the medical wishes of the patient are upheld by having someone close to them advise the medical health professionals how to proceed with regard to desired medical treatment. Secondly, it puts the responsibility on the patient and their agent with regard to selecting desired medical treatment as opposed to the doctors, hospitals and medical treatment facilities. Lastly, it makes most of the medical related issues a clean cut subject for all parties involved which may just lead to the most favorable outcome.

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