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Organic Wine

What is Organic Wine?

Simply put, an organic wine is a wine made from organically grown grapes without any added sulfites. However, there are a few distinctions that must be made

  • 100% Organic Wine - Wine that is produced with grapes that are certified 100% organically grown and do not have any added sulfites.
  • Organic Wine - Wine that has at least 95% of it's ingredients from certified organic sources. Organic wine may have an additional 100 ppm of sulfur dioxide added to them.
  • Wine made with Organic Grapes - Wines that has at least 70% of it's grapes from organic sources. These wines may have sulfur dioxide added as well.

What's the fuss about Organic Wine?

Grapes are one of the most chemically "sprayed" (with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other nasty "cides") categories of produce on the market today. By switching to organic wine, you can reduce your exposure to insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Wines made with organic grapes often have a greater flavor, and a more distinct terroir character.

Does Organic Wine Taste of Better than Conventional Wine?

Some people prefer the taste of organic wine to the taste of conventional wine. French organic wines show up consistently among the top ten best wines of any region where they are represented. French organic wines are often cited in magazines as the most innovative, interesting and personalized products around.

Organic Wine and the Environment

Many organic vineyards hand pick their grapes, rather than using mechanical pickers. Hand picking of grapes allows only the ripest and healthiest bunches to be picked, with the minimum amount of stress/damage to the vine, fruit and soil.

Who Produces Organic Wine?

  • Benziger Winery (California)
  • Grgich Hills (California)
  • Bonterra Vineyards (California)
  • Frog's Leap (California)
  • The Organic Wine Company - Key importer of Organic French Wines
  • Frey Vineyards (California)
  • Organic Vintners - Importers of internationally produced Organic Wines

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