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How to Support the Organic Industry

If you believe in the organic movement and what it stands for, you can show your support in several ways.

The most obvious is to buy organic products. Not only do you support the farmers and companies who operate organic facilities, you are keeping your money away from companies who don't. Aside from that, there are a few other ways you can lend some support.

You can be vocal about your desire to buy organic products, and make requests at the supermarkets you normally shop at. Buying the products they already have is one thing but asking for more will let them know that there is a market out there. If nobody says anything, then store managers won't know you are looking for organic items. It doesn't mean that they will immediately start to stock all kinds of healthy organic foods. But if enough people take the time to ask, you might be surprised what can happen.

Since the whole organic industry is still fighting against legislation and current government policies in many areas, there can be other avenues where you can voice your support. Online petition sites are a good way to find out when new issues have cropped up, and offer a place to add your name as an organic supporter. The Petition Site is one place to start. Once you hear about laws being enacted that would either harm the organic industry or give unfair benefits to conventional farmers, you can also phone or write letters to your local government officials. This can particularly come to the forefront as the fight against genetically modified foods and seeds.

Of course, activism like this may not appeal to everyone so there are certainly other options. You may want to lend a little extra support in the form of donation money to a nearby organic market or local co-op. You could also volunteer a little time to these same places to help them out.

The best way to support the growing organic industry is by changing your purchasing habits. Don't forget that organic products include clothing, housewares, cleaning supplies and other items besides the usual food.

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