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Saving Money When Buying Organic

We all know that organic foods and products typically cost more. Sometimes quite a bit more. But with a few good shopping tips, you can  save a little money and help offset the higher price tags.

If you are shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce, your biggest help will be buying in season. The prices are always better, and the quality of the food will be better as well. Out-of-season produce (for your region) will have to be shipped a great distance, so your fresh food will not only cost more but also be considerably less fresh. Unfortunately, this tip won't help when in the market for manufactured or packaged organic products.

Another suggestion is to buy in bulk. It won't apply to all types of purchases though. Stores that have bins of flour, beans, grains, candy and dried fruit often have a good selection of organic items to choose from. Since you can buy the exact quantities you want, you may also save a little because you will end up wasting less.

Farmer's markets can also provide some savings if you have one nearby. Just take care to ask around about organic fruits and vegetables. Don't assume that local farmers use organic principles. Even if they are not completely organic, you may find better options that commercially grown food. As you ask around, you can encourage growers to go organic. They won't know people want it unless someone says so.

Of course, there is also the tried and true method of just watching for sales. Organic products aren't often used in promotions but as their popularity grows, more stores are lowering their prices occasionally just like with conventional products.

The best money-saving tip of all is to grow a little of your own, and eat (almost) for free. Even with only a few pots on a balcony or windowsill, you can add some organic and home-grown produce to your table. A few strawberry plants in a pot, or a row of carrots or beans in the yard can be easily accomplished even if you don't have a green thumb. Armed with a natural insect spray or two, you can become your own organic farmer.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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