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Things Not To Say To An Expectant Mother

Pregnancy is a very emotional and challenging time in an expectant mothers life. Their body is rapidly undergoing new and exciting changes every minute and every day of their journey. This wonderful journey planned or not, will present emotions and mood swings that they never knew existed. Women who anticipated feeling fearful may be overjoyed and surprisingly at ease; those who thought they were ready may suddenly feel burdened and insecure.

Over the next nine months, many suggested and unintentional comments and advise will be given to the expectant parents.

Below is a list of things that should not be said to an expectant mother.

  • "My, you look as if you're going to have that baby any minute."
  • "Where is the father? He should be here with you."
  • "It must be a boy, you are so large."
  • "How much weight have you gained? I only gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy."
  • "You should have a Sonogram to find out the gender of your baby."
  • "I didn't know you had a boyfriend, when did that happen?"
  • "Are you going to marry your babies father?"
  • "Once you have that baby, you will have a hard time losing the weight you've gained."
  • "You keep saying you're tired, you can't be that tired."
  • "Stop buying so much "stuff" for that baby. He won't use half of it."
  • "All the books you're reading won't help once you go into labor."
  • "You look so small. Are you eating well?"
  • "Did you notice that your ankles were swollen? You need to talk with your Doctor."
  • "You need to control your eating habits. Your baby will be born overweight."
  • "Once you have that baby, all the joys you had before will be gone."
  • "Are you crying again? It couldn't be that upsetting."
  • "My sister was much older than you and she worked right up to the day she delivered."
  • "I told you the nine months would seem to last forever."
  • "Wow, You look so different being pregnant. What does you spouse think?"
  • "This is not the right time to be having a baby."

Please be aware that you may feel the need to speak about how you feel to an expectant mother, but your good intentions may not go over well. With the mood swings and unpredictable emotions an expectant mother is having, your opinion will most likely be taken the wrong way.

If you must say something keep it positive and cheerful!

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