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Things Not To Say To A Recently Divorced Man

Divorce can be just as traumatic for a man as it is for a woman. Understanding how he feels on a daily basis is important not only to him but to you. Your relationship may depend on what you say to him during this trying time in his life.

Below is a list of sayings that should not be said or told to a recently divorced man.

  • "She did not deserve you anyway."
  • "She only wanted you because someone else did. She never did love you."
  • "Our family saw straight through her."
  • "Her mother was too insistent on what you two did with your money."
  • "I never did care for her."
  • "Why did she dress the way she did? I would have told her to change the way she dressed."
  • "I thought she was a bit weird. She never did have much to say."
  • "I know you love your children, but let her have them. Don't fight for them."
  • "I saw the way she treated you, but I never said anything."
  • "There are other women that will accept you the way you are."
  • "She always wanted to change you. You can't change the way you feel about certain things."
  • "Don't blame yourself, it was your wife that cheated on you."
  • "I can't believe that she is asking for spousal support, when she was the one cheating on you."
  • "Her family treated you as though you were an outsider. It is a good thing that you divorced her."
  • "If you would have stayed with her, you never would have had anything the way she shopped."
  • "She always seemed to be angry about something. How did you stay with her for so long?"
  • "She always took you for granted."
  • "I couldn't understand why she didn't want you to visit your family."

It is in the best interest to you and your recently divorced friend to understand the boundaries of what to say and what not to say during this unstable time in their lives.

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