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Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is an issue which many people may not like to discuss yet it is a common occurrence. Some authorities estimate that nail fungus conditions occur in approximately 35 million Americans.

What Is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is a compilation of fungal organisms which make their way under one’s nail bed. There are many different types of nail fungus which individuals can obtain which makes it difficult to prevent.

Causes of Nail Fungus

Some people may think that only individuals with bad hygiene can get fungal infections. This is certainly not the case. Fungal organisms are all around us and it is easy for anyone to contract one of these infections. One common cause of nail fungus is an injury around the area of the nail. Fungus may get under the nail and cause infection via a cut or split in the skin region. Another cause of nail fungus is excess nail biting. Lastly, using nail polish on a regular basis can increase one’s chances of developing nail fungus by preventing the nail from breathing properly.

Symptoms of Nail fungus

Some of the most common symptoms of nail fungus are:

  • Nails may look brownish, yellowish, or have little white.
  • Nails may get flaky, brittle, and chipped.
  • Debris under your nails.
  • Smelly nails.
  • Thick toenails that are painful when wearing shoes.

Treatments for Nail Fungus

Although the existence of a nail fungus can cause distress for many individuals, it is something which can be treated quite easily. There are two basic treatments currently used for correcting this fungal condition: topical and prescription.

Topical nail fungal treatments are best for non-severe nail fungal infections. Topicals are available in many different forms such as sprays and creams. Two popular brands of topical remedies are Lamisil and Tinactin.

For those who have developed a more severe type of nail fungus, they may need to obtain a prescription for a stronger type of medication. The best way to determine if you have a fungal infection is to have a doctor examine the area. By doing so, the individual can ensure that it is indeed a nail fungus and not something more serious. In addition, should the fungus be severe enough to warrant a stronger medication, the doctor will determine this and prescribe a medicine should it be necessary to do so.

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