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How To Use Supersets With Your Training

As you go about your strength training routine, one technique that you don't want to miss out on is the superset.  Once you've spent at least two weeks on your basic strength training workout routine and have a fairly good feeling of how things work, then you can start looking into some more advanced techniques that will take your fitness up to the next level.

Supersets are one of those techniques.  When incorporated into your workout program properly, supersets will boost your calorie burn, increase your metabolic rate, and decrease the total time that you have to spend in the gym.

So what are supersets?

A superset is where you take two exercises and perform them back to back without any rest in between.  Once both exercises are completed, you take a short rest before performing your second set.

Let's take a look at how you can go about incorporating supersets into your workout program.

Pair Upper And Lower Body Exercises Together

The first option for your superset is to pair together and upper and lower body exercise.  If you are doing squats, you can pair them with a set of bent over rows.

The advantage of paring upper and lower body exercises together while one area of the body, the other area will be resting.

Paring upper and lower body exerices together is beneficial because you'll need even less rest time between the sets that you complete, allowing you to really get in and out of the gym in record time.

Pair Same Muscle Group Exercises Together

Second, another way you can go about including supersets into your workout program is to pair two exercises for the same muscle groups together.

So for instance you might perform a shoulder press and then immediately move into a lateral raise.  Or, you could do a lunge exercise followed by a leg extension.

This set-up is great for times when you want to increase the fatigue resistance of the muscle tissue since you're going to force it to work twice as long as it normally would.

It is a more intense type of superset though, so just keep that in mind.  You likely can't do too many of these each workout otherwise you'll quickly burn out.

Pair Opposing Muscle Groups Together

Finally, the third type of superset is where you pair two exercises together for opposing muscle groups.  For example, you could do an exercise for the biceps and then immediately follow that with an exercise for the triceps.

Or, you could do an exercise for the quads and then pair that with an exercise for the hamstrings.

Since these muscles work in direct opposition to each other this is another way to benefit from one muscle working while the other is resting.

So there you have three different variations of supersets that you should consider adding into your workout program.  Alternate between them for best results.

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