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Building Muscle With Bodyweight Training

One very hot form of resistance training that is becoming more popular, especially among the female crowd is bodyweight training.  Bodyweight training is a nice option since you can literally do it anywhere and it doesn't require any equipment other than a good pair of running shoes and perhaps an exercise mat.

Bodyweight training is a very good form of exercise for those who are just getting into a strength training workout routine as most find it a little less intimidating than lifting the free weights in the gym.

But, can you really build muscle with bodyweight training? That is one question that might be running through your mind, so let's give you the information that you need to know.

Your Current Fitness Level

The very first issue to cover with regards to whether you can build muscle tissue with bodyweight training is what your current fitness level is.  If you are fairly new to all forms of strength training and aren't all that strong yet, then bodyweight training will likely provide that overloading stimulus that is necessary to see muscle development.

But, if you're someone who has been working out for years and already have a higher overall degree of strength, then you may not find these bodyweight exercises challenging enough to really build up a high degree of muscle mass.

It all really comes down to your goals. If you want to increase strength and add a little definition, bodyweight exercises will definitely do that. If you want to completely change your body and really fill out with more curves, then weight training would be a superior approach to use.

Exercises That Are Performed

It is important to think about the exercises that you're performing with your bodyweight training. If you are really pushing yourself and doing some of the more challenging movements out there such as pull-ups, full push-ups, wall squats while holding for 60 seconds and so on, these will be more stressful on the body and will be better at building higher levels of strength.

If you're only doing the basic bodyweight exercises such as lunges, bodyweight squats, and push-ups on the knees, then you may not see the progress you could be.  Pushing yourself hard will be vital for long-term muscle building results.

Your Dietary Intake

Finally, the last factor to think about is your diet intake. If you're currently using a very low calorie diet, then the chances of building muscle will be slim regardless of what workout you're doing.

Remember that to build up more lean muscle mass you need to provide the nutrients to your body to do so and this is done by bringing up your calorie intake higher.

If you do that coupled with challenging bodyweight exercises, then you will have a higher chance of building up lean muscle mass.

So there's what you need to know about bodyweight exercises.  Depending on your current fitness level and goal set, bodyweight exercises could be the perfect exercise for you.

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