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Environmental Saving Tips


Environmental Saving Tips

Recycle coffee cans/containers into reusable storage containers.

Ride the bus to work...leave your car in the garage. Often when out of town, it is cheaper to share a cab with someone than rent a car.

Stay home more often! You'll be surprised with how much can be saved!

Each time you use your razor (man or woman) dip the blade in Rubbing Alcohol, it keeps the blade from rusting and it will extend the life of your razor for approximately three months!

Slow down! Drive the speed limit or less and you will save money on gas each time you drive somewhere.

Use grocery and other receipts as note paper.

I save aluminum cans. I recycle them for extra change.

Saving on gas prices - Extra weight equals extra expenditure. Remove any unnecessary items from your car in order to save on gas, and keep your tires properly inflated!

Squeeze toothpaste from the bottom.

We car-pool other children to schools to save time for their mothers and to save gas.

Combine your cable, internet and telephone service. Companies now offer combined services that not only cost less, but offer the convenience of a single bill.

Keep blankets around the house instead of turning up the heat.

Weather proof windows and doors to keep drafts out.

I plan out my shopping trips so I do as little driving as possible.  Less driving means I spend less on gas.

Rinse out all laundry detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, and dish liquid bottles, it gives you at least one more use.

Walk to stores close to your house. Visit GARAGE SALES!!!

Go Green!  Take your own bags to your grocery store or even a large tote bag.  Some stores now charge .05 per plastic bag.

Car pool with a neighbor or friend to the grocery store.

We like to take cuttings from plants we like and start new plants.  It saves on money too.

Save birthday wrap and the Christmas wrap that your gift came in.  You can also recycle the nice bags that can be brought for gifts these days and save.

At ball games with our grandson, we dig for used cans in trash containers and bring them to our civic league. They use them to enlarge their money to help our neighborhood.

It is boring staying within the speed limit, but I find that I save gas by not speeding, and I turn off the motor of my car at a 4 way stop light.

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