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Dealing With Excess Sweat From Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the more visceral and immediate effects of menopause. Fortunately they are easy to deal with. Here are a few tips for dealing with excess sweat.

Layer Lightly

Dress in layers of lightweight natural fiber clothing. Cotton is the best for absorbency and breathability; wool and fleece are not particularly absorbent, and silk will take up moisture, but it sticks to the skin instead of breathing and drying. Wearing layers allows you to regulate your temperature by adding or removing layers as needed. Be sure your clothing is not too snug, so it can ventilate itself as you move.

Wash In Cool Water

As the hot flash subsides, wash your face with cool water. You don’t need to shock your system excessively with very cold water, just use water that’s a bit cooler than you ordinarily would. The cooling sensation will help re-align your internal thermostat as well as relaxing the skin of your face and relieving any redness that might have remained from the hot flash. Making sure to wash your face soon after your hot flash subsides will also keep your skin clear of impurities that could cause skin irritation and discomfort.

Use A Powder

Body powders are available for the express purpose of controlling excess sweat. If you suffer hot flashes on the go, you might find it useful to carry a travel-sized container of unscented powder. Apply it to any uncomfortable areas after a hot flash to absorb excess moisture and refresh your skin. Avoid scented powders; not only can they irritate your delicate skin, but the scent will permeate every item of your clothing and it might be difficult to wash out.

Have a Fan Ready

Although you might not need it for strict temperature-control purposes, keeping a fan can help relieve hot flashes. When a hot flash begins or you feel it coming on, direct the fan to blow across your face - never head-on, as that can cause nose and eye irritation - to help cool your skin. If you act quickly you may be able to calm your skin enough to prevent the hot flash, or at least enough to manage sweating on your face. By the same token, try to keep the air circulating where you live and work. Stagnant, moist air can make hot flashes feel much worse than they would where the air is fresh and moving.


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