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The Secret, Drug-Free Way To Balance Hormones During Menopause Is Tofu

You might have heard about the many health benefits of soy recently. It seems like soy beans can do almost anything! Well, here’s another surprising thing that soy products can do: tofu can help you balance your hormones during menopause.

What Is Tofu Exactly

Tofu is a soy product made by gently heating soy milk and adding a chemical that transforms the many proteins carried in it. The proteins link with each other, creating soft tofu curds. The excess liquid is drained off for drier, firmer grades of tofu, while silken tofu is handled especially delicately so that it has a light, creamy texture and a great deal of moisture.

Due to the tofu-making process, where dried soy beans are soaked and made into soy milk, which is then gently cooked, the nutrients in tofu are highly accessible. That’s where isoflavones come in.

Soy Isoflavones

Two chemicals found in abundance in tofu, the isoflavones genistein and daidzein, are also called “phytoestrogens” because their chemical structure mimics that of estrogen found in mammals, and they can mimic its effects to a certain degree, by binding to estrogen receptors in the body.

These chemicals can help manage hot flashes and other health effects of menopause by taking over part of the role of naturally produced estrogen; rather than producing estrogen internally, you can supply your body with a reasonable facsimile of estrogen that comes from a natural product. Tofu is an excellent and extremely lean source of many useful nutrients, including a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and phytic acid, an antioxidant.

How To Eat Tofu

Due to the way it is processed, tofu is not only rich in proteins and nutrients but also easy to digest. It can be transformed in many ways by cooking; fried, it becomes golden and crunchy, whereas if simmered it becomes very tender and absorbs flavors well. Fried firm tofu is a great substitute for meats in a vegetarian diet; the texture is very different, but frying and subsequently cooking it in a sauce gives tofu a pleasing toothy chew. Since soy is rich in iron as well as protein, it is a good nutritional substitute for lean meat as well as a decent culinary replacement.

Silken tofu is especially mild and delicate. It can be blended with flavorful ingredients to produce a thick, puddinglike cream that makes great smoothies and spreads.


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