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Menopause Survival Tips

Entering menopause is not always pleasant. It can come with headaches, hot flashes, mood swings, dry skin, frequent need to urinate, dryness or itchiness of the vaginal area, and more. The good news is that these things can all be handled. You don’t have to go through menopause all alone and constantly beleaguered by your hormones’ whims.

Stay Active

The body does not process fat the same way after menopause, and the lowering of estrogen in the system means that calcium is deposited in the bones less, leading to bone density loss. To help stay fit and keep your bones healthy, stay active. Keep in motion to stimulate your bones and burn calories; the fat that goes into the hips and breasts of younger women is redeposited into the belly of menopausal women, so when your figure begins to go, it will be increasingly difficult to get back.

Try swimming for a good weight-bearing exercise - your bones don’t benefit from exercises where they are not used - that carries a low risk of injury. Walking or jogging is another great option. Exercise also helps control your mood by releasing endorphins that can make you feel great for hours.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol wreaks havoc on the menopausal body. It is very difficult for the body to metabolize, full of calories - that will go straight to your belly - and it is very dehydrating, which is terrible for delicate menopausal skin and can trigger menopausal migraines. Although red wine is a good source of nutrients that can lower your risk of heart disease, it is also a source of alcohol that will stress your liver and ruin your complexion. Opt for the grape juice instead.

Wear A Good Bra

Breast tenderness and back pain are two of the commonest effects of menopause. Wearing a good, well-fitting bra can do a great deal to alleviate these symptoms. Go to a lingerie shop to be fitted professionally to make sure that your bras fit properly, and replace them promptly if they stretch out or become damaged. The support and redistributed weight will help both your back and your front.

Avoid Scented Detergents

Another embarrassing effect of menopause is vaginal itching and irritation. You can cut down on this simply by being careful to keep your fabrics free of irritants; use unscented, colorless fabric detergent for the least irritating laundry. Periodically wash clothes in clean water only to remove soap residue.


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