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Thumper Maxi Pro Massager

Thumper massagers are used by chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists fitness trainers, conditioning, coaches, professional athletes and even veterinarians to deliver a soothing and rejuvenating massage to their patients. The Thumper Maxi Pro Massager is world famous and is designed to give a deep massage. Thumper Massagers have been around since 1974. Thumper Massagers are the leaders in handheld massagers across the globe.

Muscle tension and aches respond very well to the Thumper Maxi Pro Massager making it healthcare practitioners number one choice of massager. The Thumper Maxi Pro Massager is designed to relieve muscle tension and stress by way of tapotement. Tapotement may sound like an odd word in the English language but what it is is a steady, pulsed acu-pressure that is able to penetrate the deepest of all muscles in the human body and it does so in a soothing and comfortable manner. This means that pulsations meant to heal find their way into all layers of the muscles, no matter how deep and hidden they may be.

Product Features:

  • 8 massage spheres
  • Weighs only 7 pounds (3.2 kg)
  • No kickback in the handles
  • Power adjustment
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Ideal for 2-person use (doctor and patient)

Most users have nothing but good things to say about the Thumper Maxi Pro Massager. There is no need to press, prod or cajole this massager into action- all that you need to do is place it on the part of the body that requires massage, encourage the patient to relax and then let it go to work. It really is as simple as that.

The 8 anatomically designed massaging spheres allow the massage to penetrate into the muscles without causing pain and discomfort. The spheres move up and down approximately a quarter of an inch and do so about 27 times per second.

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