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Premier Brand Massage Chairs

Many people have not heard the name of Premier Health Products unless they have done research on the industry of Therapeutic massage chairs. Panasonic specializes in that product alone and focus 100% of their resources on providing reasonably priced chairs that go beyond the expectations of their consumers. They have spent close to a decade looking at the problems that most customers face with common massage chair companies and one by one solved those problems in order to provide consumers with the most long term benefit from their massage chair. Their chairs are reasonably priced in comparison with the features and parts that they use. They also provide powerful massage with many options to suit most users specific target usage.

The fact of the matter is that many companies that import massage chairs have not been around very long and many will not be around for much longer. These hit it and quit it companies sell loungers that have very good specifications, but do not last and do not offer much in terms of customer service. Premier on the other hand has a great track record of dedication to customer satisfaction. Throughout the decade that they have been in business they have had one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry. The high standards that they set for any moving parts that they use in their chairs coupled with their use of steel reinforced roller arms maximizes the lifespan of the chair.

Premier massage chairs are designed to provide a therapeutic quality massage. Each of their models offers a design that is specific to any number of ailments and has been coupled with programming to enhance that chairs ability to achieve relief of specific ailments. For instance anyone with lower back issues should certainly sit in the Premier 2030 which was designed with many modes that will focus the rollers on the lower back. If the user is looking for relief from spinal compression the 2022 is specifically design with an inversion therapy recline to target that problem. Premiers Loyalty to the massage chair industry has paid off as they now are a well recognized leader in research and have worked together with other company’s to help improve chair design. Some of these companies include Panasonic and Osim, two widely respected massage chair companies that have utilized premiers accumulated wealth of massage knowledge to improve on their own designs. However their best research goes into their top of the line chair the PHP 2030.

The PHP 2030 is Premier top of the line chair and even though it is not the most expensive chair on the market it does offer a top of the line therapeutic massage. One of the features people like about this chair is it’s mechanical foot massage. This uses rollers on the bottom of the foot and provides a powerful foot massage which many chairs neglect. It also uses a ultra smooth back rolling action which relaxes the entire body while effectively focusing on certain muscle areas that the user has the ability to control. This chair is also known for its reliability and the company backs that up with a five year warranty on all moving parts. If something goes wrong with a part of one of their chairs, premier is great about sending out replacement parts at no charge. They have designed the chair simply enough to walk customers through any repairs and they do not need any special tools or knowledge to get the chair back into working order. That type of assurance has kept customers talking about premier as a top quality company and keeps their customers happy and in their lounger for years of relaxation.

Many companies sell chairs that have specifications that are comparable to those of Premier’s chairs but none offered the service or the value. If you are concerned with having a long lasting chair that is going to provide a good massage for years down the road, research premier and you will see why they have been around for so long. - Ready to Meet the One?

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