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PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair

If you are looking for a great shiatsu massage from a massage chair then you will want the PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair.

Product Features:

  • Width and leg length adjustments

  • Six different intensity settings

  • Wide array of programs (9 automatic massage programs)

  • 5 year parts and labor warranty

  • 30 day trial period

The PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair gives a massage that can be felt everywhere in the body- all the way from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. This massage chair comes complete with body scanning technology. Body scanning technology is able to measure the contours of the body in order to tailor the type of massage that is necessary to fit a person’s unique body frame.

The PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair includes a 4-roller pendulum that easily rolls up and down the spine and is able to pivot forward in order to massage the shoulders to the best of its ability. The PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair is equipped with a special device that provides a soothing vibra-massage for the glutes as well as the hamstrings.

Users of the PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair enjoy all of the above features as well as the three speeds that are a part of the mechanical foot massage and the nine automatic programs that are able to pinpoint which muscles are the sorest and customize the massage as required.

Whether you want a strong massage or a gentle one, the PHP-2026 Ultimate Massage Chair can deliver it to you. Deep tissue massages are possible with the ultimate massage chair, as are milder Swedish massages. Another great point about this massage chair is that all 12 motors are as quiet as a whisper.

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