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Premier PHP 2030

My initial reaction to the Premier 2030 was that it was a reasonably priced version of the top of the line massage chairs that I could find in major retail stores. The chair is made by the same manufacturer as the best chairs at Brookstone and it uses the same design on all the mechanical parts. I thought this sounded strange so I did some more research about the company Premier. It turns out that they have been in massage chairs for 9 years and have made really long lasting chairs. The PHP2030 massage chair is another fantastic addition to their line.

The biggest problem with buying a chair from an online business is not being able to sit in the chair before you pay for it. A massage chair is quite an investment to make without having tried one out. The 2030 looks a little different then the Uharmony chair at Brookstone, but the Premier chair, aside from cosmetic differences, provides an identical massage. I was surprised to find out that the chair was less expensive and better looking than many of the other chairs I was considering. The foot rollers are a nice touch after standing for hours but I would definitely recommend this chair specifically to anyone with lower back pain. Great chair, and a good price for a high end massage chair. - Ready to Meet the One?

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