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Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic has been designing massage chairs for thirty years and has been leading the industry for the past twenty. This experience has lead to continual improvements on the features and longevity of their chairs. They test all of their motors to ensure that they have a mean time failure rate of 5000-7000 hours. This is the length of time their average motor will run before having any problems. Because of this thorough testing, fewer than 1 out of 300 of these chairs has a reliability issue within the available 5 year warranty period. Compare that to many chairs which use motors with a mean time failure rate of 500-750 hours which will provide only 2-3 years of normal daily use, and questionable service through warranties.

When you buy a Panasonic massage chair you buy confidence that your chair is going to be around for a long time and that it will provide you with the most technologically advanced massage on the market. This is because they have funded more research and testing on their products than any other brand. They use Modern technology to develop the motions that their chairs go through in their massage routine. The roller technology is also different then other chairs on the market, enabling unique massage capabilities. Although the price is in the moderate to high range we still feel that you get more for your money then with comparably priced chairs. Panasonic makes chairs that are massage specific and do not concern themselves with extra bells and whistle that do not improve the quality of the massage that the chair provides. If you are in the market for a therapeutic massage chair that is going to provide many years of maintenance free use then we urge you to try the Panasonic that fits your price range.

When programming their modern models, Panasonic used the input of human massage therapists. They created massage modes that duplicate the hand and finger motions that professionals use in massage therapy. These motions include tapping, rolling, kneading, compression, and in their high end models, “Junetsu” and their “human grip” technologies. “Junetsu” means ultra-fine kneading, or the ability to specifically target areas that develop muscle knots. This function really works out tense areas that are otherwise unable to relieved by a massage chair. The “human grip” technology incorporates a 3 dimensional roller design that enables the rollers to come over the shoulders and literally grasp them and get a grip resulting in a life like massage that can only be compared to a humans ability. We have found Panasonic to provide the most customizable massage available with models that range in massage modes from 372 modes to 1,117 modes.

Quality massage chairs are not cheap. If you have you mind set on buying the most expensive chair available you will end up spending upwards of $6,500. The price of the chair is often not reflective of what the chair will provide but rather how the chair looks and what unnecessary features it offers. However you can find good Panasonic chairs around $2500 that will even provide 5 year warranties on parts and labor. With these chairs paying for unwanted bells and whistles is not an issue, you are paying for the therapeutic value that the chair provides.

Between chair longevity, roller technology, massage function, and price Panasonic is the massage chair industry’s standard of excellence. When considering customer satisfaction percentages, we always put them at the top of our list and recommend Panasonic highly to anyone looking for therapeutic relief of tension from a massage chair. - Ready to Meet the One?

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