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Panasonic 1273 Massage Chair

Some people simply are not in the market for a higher end Panasonic chair like the 30005 and 30006. It’s understandable; not everyone can afford or is willing to shell out that much cash for a luxury item like a massage chair. Those chairs have some incredible technology; but for those who don’t need the absolute most expensive chair, there are other options.

If you plan to use your massage chair almost every day for relaxation and for tension relief, but do not have any serious back issues, you will want to consider the Panasonic EP1273 Massage Chair. The 1272 is a little less impressive, does not look as good, and has a substandard air massage in comparison. The 1273 is strong enough to relieve any tension and does not come with any unnecessary “frills” that will add nothing to the massage experience.

The EP 1273 was a major upgrade from the old faithful Panasonic chairs with way more options to customize a massage to what you are looking for. Although massage chairs never act well as a normal living room chair, the Panasonic EP1273 is one of the better looking chairs, and will not degrade your interior décor. After reading about other companies warranties I found out their chairs ware barely covered (although even having to use the warranty is extremely rare on Panasonic products; but it’s nice to have). - Ready to Meet the One?

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