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San Shou

What is San Shou?

San Shou is a modern Chinese martial art and a self-defense system. It is composed of various aspects of traditional fighting styles in China. The two main styles that San Shou is composed of is kickboxing and shuai jiao. Shuai jiao is a Chinese form of wrestling.

San Shou is a compete martial art that teaches striking, kicking, leg kicks, kick catches, sweeps, takedowns and throws. The current sport of San Shou does not include elbow and knee strikes but most San Shou gyms teach these techniques as well.

San Shou is practiced as a combat sport. San shou training training is usually conducted with safety equipment. San shou competitions are conducted under rules restricting certain tactics and techniques designed for the safety of the participants.

Chinese refer to professional San Shou is also called San Da. San Da is an older term which was originally used to describe full contact fighting.

Who developed San Shou?

San Shou was developed by the Chinese Army in the 1960s.

San Shou is based on traditional Chinese kungfu, with emphasis on realistic fighting ability instead of the ability to perform elaborate forms. San Shou techniques include throws, locks, chokes, kicks, punches.

San Shou tournaments

San Shou tournaments are one of the two sport wushu disciplines recognized by the International Wushu Federation. They are held in several different countries. San Shou matches are conducted without headgear, shin guards and the chest protector and are held in a boxing ring.

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