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Home Water Filters

Great value and convenience: Easy-to-change replacement filter provides up to 100 gallons (2-3 months) of quality water, right from your tap. PUR water costs less than bottled water.

Automatic Safety Monitor Gauge™:
This patented feature comes standard on every vertical PUR faucet mounted model. It takes all the guesswork out of knowing when your filter is ready to be replaced.

Bypass feature: With a twist of the wrist, the faucet mount tilts back to allow easy access to the sink and unfiltered water for washing dishes.



IQ Air HealthPro Compact Air Purifier

The IQAir Compact comes complete with filters, owners manual, set of 4 casters, 10 foot power cord, and certificate of guaranteed performance.

For Allergy Sufferers Recommended for allergy sufferers who don't have any particular need for gas or odor control.

- Mold spore control
- Pet dander control
- House dust mite allergen control
- Pollen control
- General indoor air pollution control

HEPA Filter
replace every 2-4 yrs

replace every 6-18 months

** The Compact cannot be upgraded to add a carbon gas & odor filter in the future (feature is unique to the standard, non-compact version).

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