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Whirlpool Gold 30-Inch Convection Double Built-In Oven

This oven is a must have.

A sleek, new design and glass touch controls add sophistication to the kitchen. The upper oven features a fan convection cooking system and both ovens offer the AccuBake® heat distribution system for consistent cooking results every time.

Upper Oven Features:

  • 1.4 Cu. Ft. Speedcook Upper Oven
  • 900 Watts Cooking Power
  • g2Max™ SpeedCook Technology to quickly and deliciously grill and brown items like steaks, hamburgers, chicken and vegetables. g2Max™ speedcook technology combines the use of halogen and quartz light energies to sear steaks and chops with juicy, flavorful results and saves you up to half the cooking time compared to traditional ovens AccuWave® Power System.
  • Constant, gentle heat evenly cooks, defrosts, reheats, softens and melts. Thaw chicken without cooking the edges and reheat sauce without splatters to clean.
  • Quartz Element Sizzle Pan with Handle
  • The automatic turntable in the microwave rotates whenever the oven is on, turning food for even cooking so you don't have to.
  • Drop-Down Door. Opens like a conventional oven door - making it easier to load and unload than side-swing doors.
  • Stainless Steel Interior

Lower Oven Features:

  • 4.1 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Self-Cleaning Oven with Auto Latch
  • Convection Cooking. Cook 30% faster than traditional Whirlpool® brand thermal-bake ovens.
  • A rear fan produces flavorful results by circulating heated air over, under and around food.
  • AccuBake® Heat Distribution System surrounds foods with even temperatures for consistent results every time.
  • Closed-Door Broiling Child Lockout
  • Delay Bake
  • Extra-Large EasyView™ Window
  • Flush-to-Cabinet Installation

Approximate Range Dimensions:

Height 51"
Width  29 3/4"
Depth 23 1/4"

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