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Mama's Kitchen Dilemmas - Turkey

"I prepared Thanksgiving dinner for 20 of my closest relatives. On the night before Thanksgiving my oven went out and I had to change plans and give the dinner at my moms house." Laurie, California

"I had my kitchen remodeled in 2006 and every time my sister-in-law comes by she reminds me of the pink tile that was in the kitchen before we remodeled. She knows that I truly disliked that tile and the fact that she keeps bringing it up really irritates me." Marge, Ohio

"Instead of asking my husband to measure our kitchen windows for new blinds, I hired a reputable company to come out and measure and bring samples of designs. I picked a design I liked and the company did the measuring. When the finished product was brought out for installation the measuring was off and the design was far from what I would have chosen if I had gone into the store. I was stuck with the design." Kim, Washington

"During a family visit, I was in a rush to clean the kitchen. While loading the dishwasher, I put dish washing liquid in the dispenser. Fifteen minutes later my entire kitchen floor was covered with bubbles." Connie, Nevada

"I had just learned how to make sweet potatoes pies. After putting the first pie in the oven I noticed that I had forgotten to put the eggs in the pie. I called my mother and she told me to put the eggs in the remaining filling. My first pie did not rise like the two that followed." Mirna, Kentucky

"My son loves my deviled eggs. I prepared two trays of eggs to take to work the night before. The next morning when I was preparing to leave, I noticed several of the eggs from one of the trays were missing. I took one of the trays to work and left the other one for my family. I guess you must know who ate the other eggs." Debbie, Georgia

"While shopping for a new refrigerator, I was at awe with the different colors and sizes. We purchased one that was big and beautiful. When the refrigerator was delivered to our home it was too large for the intended space. I returned to the store with my daughter, after hearing the price of the original purchase my daughter immediately turned to go and take a look at the big and beautiful refrigerator. Since we had brought a new stove at the same time she thought the price was for both of them. I was really embarrassed when she came back. We purchased the same style but it was much smaller." Yvonne, Canada

"We had a new sink installed in our kitchen. A few days later the kitchen sink was stopped up. While hooking up the pipes a piece of cardboard was left inside one of the pipes." Alice, Oklahoma

"I do not like for anyone to cook in my kitchen but me. My cousin knows this, but every time there's a get together she brings over whatever she has to cook and starts cooking in my kitchen!" Berniece, Kansas

"When I was a child my mother did not buy plastic ware, so as an adult I prefer to drink out of crystal or glass ware. When my sister-in-laws visited from out of town, they were surprised that there were no plastic glasses in my kitchen cupboard." Tonya, N. Y.

Additional Kitchen Dilemmas

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