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Mama's Kitchen Dilemmas

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Mama's Kitchen Dilemmas - Baking Competition

"When I was in high school, we had a baking competition and I was determined to win. I choose to bake fresh bread right from the oven. My mother and I had never made fresh bread before so we knew it was going to be interesting. We put the bread inside the oven and watched television while the bread was baking. I decided to check on the bread and when I opened up the oven I saw that the bread had exploded. I was so upset that I dropped out of the competition." Amber, Oklahoma

"When I decided to cook Christmas dinner a few years ago, I thought it would be an easy task. Everything went great at dinner, we laughed and talked about the good times we've had as a family. After everybody left, I went into the kitchen and it looked like a tornado had ran through it. I spent the next two hours cleaning my kitchen alone." Erica, Alabama

"When I was in high school, my parents had gone out of town for a few days. One morning I decided to cook bacon and eggs for my little brothers. I heated the skillet with grease so I could cook the eggs, but I left it on the stove for too long and it caught on fire." Cindy, Omaha

"My girlfriend told me to make a dessert that I had never made before, so I decided to make brownies because that's her favorite dessert. I left the brownies in the oven for too long and I burned them. From that day on, she tells me not to ever make her brownies again." Daniel, Arkansas

"One saturday night, my boyfriend and I decided to make hamburgers for dinner. His place is really small and the smoke began to fill up his apartment. We thought they were done and decided to eat. Once I bit into the burger I found out that it wasn't cooked all the way. We ended up ordering pizza and called it a night." Tina, California

"When I first started to learn how to cook, my parents let me cook scrambled eggs. I forgot to put cooking oil in the skillet and the eggs came out hard and dry. To this day, my parents still joke about it to our friends and family." James, Atlanta

"One night I decided to cook dinner for a few friends I had coming into town. I decided to make a cake for dessert. When my friends came over, we ate and had a good time. When I served the cake, my friend took one bite and nearly choked. We found out that there was baking soda in the cake. I thought to myself about how that could have happened, but I figured that it was my three year old son and he must have poured it in when I went to the bathroom." Stacy, Canada

"My kitchen disaster happened when I threw a super bowl party a few years ago. My husband and I ordered in lots of different pizzas, but our guest hadn't arrived yet, so my husband put the pizzas in the oven without telling me. Without knowing the pizzas were in the oven, I turned up the heat so I could bake some cookies for our guest, and I burned up all the pizzas." Melissa, Florida

"When I was in college, me and my roommate decided to make fried chicken for dinner. Well, we left the chicken in the skillet for too long and before we knew it, our dorm was filled with smoke. Somebody must have called the fire department because within minutes, the firemen was knocking at our door. We ended up going out to eat and we still laugh about it to this day." Britannia, Kansas

Additional Kitchen Dilemmas

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