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Back to Basics Wheat Grass Juicer

Prod. Code: SJ27

Wheat grass can very easily be turned into a juice, as it is one of the healthiest and most cleansing of all juices. Wheat grass cannot be digested in its natural state by people and must be crushed up in order to be consumed. Once put through a juicer, wheat grass is freshly squeezed, nourishing and very digestible by the body.

Product Features:

  • Constructed from high quality materials including stainless steel
  • Built for durable and longevity
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Includes a pressure control knob as well as a stainless auger which helps to squeeze the wheatgrass to its greatest extent
  • Made with a stainless screen, as well as a plunger and hopper which are particularly good to use with other types of fruits and vegetables
  • Able to be taken apart with ease for the purposes of cleaning
  • 5 year warranty

The Back to Basics Wheat Grass Juicer looks like an old-fashioned meat grinder but it is very simple and basic to operate. It is just that- a basic juicer that is especially geared for making wheat grass but is versatile enough to make other types of fruit and vegetable juices. Users find that this juicer works well but it is important not to overload it with wheat grass or any other produce, as it will not work as efficiently if this happens.

This wheat grass juicer is an excellent way to turn nutritious wheat grass into a drink. The nutrients found in wheat grass help to provide plenty of energy and are choked full of enzymes which help to build red blood cells. If you find wheat grass kind of dull on its own then you can easily use this juicer to crush up other types of fruits or vegetables such as strawberries or raspberries.

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