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The Celestial Sexpot's Handbook
Astrological Tips for Satisfying Seduction and Ultimate Love

by Astrosexologist Kiki T

What inspired you to write this book?

I am a writer that happens to know astrology and that’s how I got into writing astrology columns in the first place. I came up the whole astrosexology thing because I wanted to deal specifically with sex and love, but it made for a great niche. Anyway, as a writer you are always thinking of books you can write and ideas you can get across. Since I have been studying astrology since the age of 11, I had lots of experiences and observations to share, so voila this book was my answer.

This book offers tips for women to seduce men. Do you have plans to write a book with tips for men to seduce women? What about same-sex couples?

This book is for anyone that wants tips on seducing a man, so it’s for women and gay men. I wrote it specifically addressing only the object of desire. Like, when you read the book there is never any reference to the reader’s gender, only who they are after —the man. I was careful to make it for a gender-neutral reader wanting a man because as a writer for Playgirl and Jane, I knew those readers would be my core audience and the core readers of those publications are women and gay men. And currently though, I have no plan for a book on how to seduce woman.

Your columns appear in Jane and Playgirl. How frequently are they published?

Both magazines are monthly, but actually since the book came out I no longer write for them, but have moved on to new publications — one which will debut in October and another is, debuting in June with a bi-monthly column. Also, I do features for other publications. In an early June a feature I wrote for the New York Press will come out and right now’s love and sex section has a seduction by the stars slideshow feature from my book.

How do you explain astrology to cynics?

Actually, I never even bother having those conversations with cynics because it’s pointless. They’ll think what they want and they’re entitled. I address this in the introduction of my book that yes I do get people telling me it’s ridiculous and yes, there are no explanations for why astrology works, but I say the proof is in the pudding. I’ve seen it work for me and I can explain how it can work for them. If non-believers are open to trying astrology, then they can; from there they can believe or not. It’s not magic, but rather like a weather report. It’s not climates, but energy you’re dealing with and knowing when certain events are more auspicious than others. People can take it or leave it from there.

Do you have a book tour?

Unfortunately not.

If someone wanted to contact you or ask a question, what is the best way to do so?

My website is slowly getting underway and will be or something like that…but for now they can contact me at

When people discover that you are an Astrosexologist, what is their most frequently asked question?

Since I am the only one that is an Astrosexologist — I made up that title when I started my column in Playgirl to separate me from other astrologers, as I specialize in love and sex, I get asked what that is first. Then, of course they ask me about themselves. I’m always getting the, “My boyfriend is a.... Are we compatible?” You name it; I’ve been asked it.

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