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The Migraine Cure
by Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD

What inspired you to write this book?

Once I realized that the treatment program provided complete relief from migraine for every patient who followed the plan, I knew I had to share the information. Many colleagues and patients urged me to write this book, and I did so with the hope that the more than 28 million people who suffer with this debilitating disease can get the relief they need and deserve.

You use the term 'balance' to describe your approach to the successful treatment and elimination of migraines. Do you think 'balance' can be used to treat other ailments and conditions?

Absolutely. It's important to remember several things: the human body is a complex, holistic entity, and health depends on all systems working together in synch, in balance. Migraine is the result of multisystem failure, therefore it is necessary to restore balance to the body?s systems to eliminate the disease. Similarly, balance is a key component of physical and mental health in general, and so 'balance' is the goal when addressing many conditions, such as fibromyalgia, hypercholesterolemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, insomnia, memory loss, ADHD, macular degeneration, behavioral problems, and hormonal disorders.

Once a migraineur uses your approach to eliminate their migraines, must they continue to use the approach?

Individuals need to continue to follow a supportive program once their migraines have been eliminated, and the extent of that program is tailored for each person. The bio-identical hormones that are recommended as part of the Migraine Cure are designed to restore 'youthful' levels. Migraineurs who are younger than 35 can often stop taking the hormones after several months, while older adults usually need to continue taking them. The benefits associated with continuing natural hormone treatment are great: they help fight aging as well as help prevent serious medical conditions, including coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and fibromyalgia. Dosages of the natural supplements that are part of the Migraine Cure can be eliminated, reduced, or used on an as-needed basis.

If someone wants to begin the Migraine Cure program, what should they do?

Because migraine is a complex disease and every person has unique needs, it is important to follow the Migraine Program exactly and to work closely with a knowledgeable physician. Some individuals find they can accomplish this by reading the book and securing the help of one or more health-care professionals who can work with them every step of the way. Others, however, find that it is best to get expert, coordinated help, which is available through the Migraine Program as follows:

  • Call 877-402-2721 or register at for a Patient Coordinator to contact you
  • A Patient Coordinator will review the process of:
    • Enrolling you in the Program
    • Working with a physician
    • Completing your detailed medical history questionnaire
    • Undergo recommended laboratory tests
    • Receiving and starting your customized plan
    • Ordering your supplements

Once a person starts the Migraine Cure program, how long does it take for the migraines to go away?

Most people experience almost immediate relief for some symptoms within a day or two, with complete elimination of migraine within a week or so. Some patients have reported eating formerly 'forbidden' foods like chocolate after only a day or two on the Program, and with no migraine! The speed and degree of response depend on many factors, including whether patients have been on multiple medications, whether patients have been addicted to their pain medications, and whether patients follow the Migraine Cure program as recommended. In extreme cases, elimination of migraine may take up to 3 months.

Will health insurance policies pay for the Migraine Cure program?

All insurance companies are different, but most of them will cover the cost of laboratory testing and hormones, although they will not pay for nutritional supplements and our consultations. We are currently looking for way to obtain coverage. Individuals are encouraged to talk with their insurance representatives and physicians to determine what is covered.

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