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The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle
by Douglas Weiss, Ph.D.

1. How did you go about developing the Ten Minute Marriage Principle?

In counseling couples for more than 19 years I have found that time limited practical exercises have been extremely successful in getting couples into the discipline of connecting.  Intimacy is a result of a discipline. Therefore once you set the discipline in place (10 minutes) you get the result (intimacy).

2. Are you on schedule to hold any more book signings or motivational speeches in the near future?

Fortunately I get to speak all over the country.  If someone wants to know my speaking schedule, they can visit my website www.drdougweiss.

3. Were your counseling sessions the basis for most of the information included in your book?

Real life experience with couples for almost two decades is the basis for this book.  There is new information I've never seen in any other marriage books that could only come from tens of thousands of hours counseling couples.  

4. How can customers find out more information about the other 16 books and other products you have published and produced?

They can find out about our other materials by visiting our website  

5. Most marital problems are addressed in this book, but are you still gathering information and tips on other problems?

I am always learning to help couples resolve problems and create solutions to have the happily ever after that they hoped for.  

6. You mention conflicts in a marriage should be seen as a good thing in a relationship. Do you believe this to be true in other phases of life? I.E. Parenting, careers?

Conflict is not only a part of life, it's a good part of life.  Rarely do we grow significantly without conflict being part of the process. Once we accept this how we navigate conflict becomes critical.  In the chapter, "The Ten-Minute Argument" I help couples really get solution focused in their conflict.  This helps them from repeating the same argument many times over the years.  

7. Is there one particular method of reviving a marriage that you have seen work for a large majority of couples? Or does it normally take a combination of methods to work for most couples?

The method I have seen work repeatedly is to repair the structures of their marriage (dating, communication, social, spiritual, sexual and financial). Once the structures are in better shape, then if there are specific issues left it may take specific methods especially in the area of let's say, parenting.

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