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Lean Mommy Bond with Your Baby and Get Fit with the Stroller Strides Program
by Lisa Druxman, MA

What inspired you to write this book?

Since becoming a mom six years ago, I have been passionate about encouraging moms to take care of themselves. I am a firm believer that mom's put themselves on the bottom of the priority list. Yet the reality is that if mom is broken, nothing else works. She can't be there for kids, home, husband, etc if she isn't physically and emotionally well. I am also so concerned about our next generation and wanting to stop the epidemic of childhood obesity, eating disorders and body image disorders. Who better to be a role model than your own mom? Through Stroller Strides, I am privileged to guide moms on their way to better fitness and health. I wanted to write the book as there are so many moms we have not yet touched whom I think can benefit from this same inspiration.

When did you first design the Stroller Strides program?

I created Stroller Strides with my son 6 years ago. Really, I just wanted a way to get back in shape after having a baby, while at the same time having quality time for him. What was missing for me was social support. I didn't know a single new mom and felt very alone in my first days as a new mom. A friend suggested I join a playgroup. At the time, I didn't even know what a playgroup was. So, I decided to start Stroller Strides. I figured it a win-win. I could help moms get back in shape and they would be my new support system. Apparently I wasn't alone because requests soon came from all over San Diego and then all over the country for classes. Now, we have a "family" of over 20,000 moms across the country.

How does the Stroller Strides program help combat postpartum depression?

One out of every for moms experiences some form of postpartum depression. If mild to moderate, doctors will prescribe exercise and social support, both of which they get in Stroller Strides. It helps so much to be around other women who are struggling with sleep, nursing and the same issues as you are dealing with as a new mom. There has been some recent research showing the benefits of stroller walking programs with postpartum depression.

Does a mother have to start the Stroller Strides program immediately after giving birth?

No. We have moms starting with us anywhere from 6-weeks to a few years old. It's appropriate for any mom with a stroller age child. Most of our clients come to us within the first year of baby's life.

How would you respond to a mother who says she doesn't have enough time to complete the Stroller Strides program?

It's actually one of the best time savers. We find that virtually all moms make time for playgroups or networking groups. Here, you have your exercise and playgroup all wrapped up in one. We want moms to find a way that this fits with their life. Some moms join us just once a week while others make us such a big part of their life that they take class almost every day.

Are the "Mommy Meditations" designed specifically for moms or can anyone use them?

I certainly think anyone and everyone can benefit from meditation. We are human doings nowadays instead of human beings. I think everyone will much benefit from just sitting and "being" still for a few moments a day. I find that my most creative, best thoughts and inspiration come from the times that I take to meditate or just sit and be quiet.

If someone wants to enroll in the Stroller Strides program, what should they do?

Go to You can search by city, zip, or state for a location in your area. If there isn't one, request one so we can alert you when one gets started. Or consider becoming a franchisee yourself. Many of our best instructors / franchisees started as clients.

Do you have a book tour?

YES. We will be visiting New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Seattle. Some of our franchisees will be doing some local activities in relation to the book release as well.

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