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When Ghosts Speak
by Mary Ann Winkowski

At what age did you find out that you were seeing ghosts?

My grandmother realized that I could see and talk to earthbound spirits when I was two and a half years old. By the time I was four she was taking me to family funerals. When I was seven in first grade in Catholic school I realized that not everybody could do what I did.

Did your family encourage your gift or were they skeptical of what you were telling them?

Grandma was always behind me, helping me to understand what I could do and helping me improve on my abilities. Her strictest rule was that my ability was not to be discussed outside of the family. She always told me that other people would not understand and that I would get my mom and dad in trouble. I obeyed the rule so well that I was married to my husband Ted for two years before I told him what I could do.

Is there a number one reason why spirits have not crossed over?

The most common reason is unfinished business. The young mother who dies unexpectedly. Do you think that she will leave her children? The victim of a violent crime related death will stay to see if his attacker is caught and punished. The movie GHOST was a perfect example of this. Patrick Swayze’s character stayed to be near his wife.

Is there anyone in your line of work you admire or look up to?

My earliest role model was Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery. I read all of their books. For a short time I corresponded with Ms. Montgomery.

Is there a specific time of the year that you encounter more ghosts than usual? Halloween perhaps?

Spirit activity is present all year long. It just seems that it gets more attention during the Halloween season.

Have you ever met a spirit that wasn’t just “mean spirited” but actually caused physical damage?

There is a location just south of the Cleveland area. The spirit there has been haunting the area for many years. His favorite target is a home near where his homestead is. He has turned on the outside water during the winter and flooded the back yard, and he has also ripped the gutters from the house. I have tried to get him to go to the light, but he refuses. I think he is having to much fun doing what he is doing.

Will you be holding public appearances and tours now that your book has been released?

Absolutely!! There is always a posting on my web site where I will be.

Have you published any other books or publications?

Yes I have. I self published three books before WHEN GHOSTS SPEAK. They were MARY ANN’S FUNERAL GUIDE, MARY ANN’S GHOST CHAT 2000, AND AS ALIVE SO DEAD. All three of these books are now out of print.

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