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Preventing Bug Bites

Nobody enjoys the sting of a bug bite, ouch! Bugs unfortunately are a reality in the summer months and therefore finding effective ways to prevent being bitten is very important.

Carriers of diseases

Many types of insects and bugs are carriers of diseases and therefore need to be avoided as much as possible. For example there is a class of mosquitoes that are carrier of the West Nile virus, which can be harmful to human beings. Be aware however that most bug bites will not signal a serious illness but will just cause a bit of discomfort, perhaps some redness to the skin and a whole lot of itch. It is smart to do your best to avoid bug bites in order to ensure your own health and safety.

Insect inspect your home

Before you worry about getting bitten outdoors take a close look at the inside of your home. Has it been insect inspected and insect approved? Make sure that you keep all windows without screens closed and inspect all screens to make sure that they are in good order. If any of your screens have rips or tears in them then have them replaced right away. Screens that do not fit properly make it possible for insects to get inside your home as well.

Do away with standing water

If you have any areas in your yard where there is standing water then this is a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. Take steps to fill in any areas of your yard that are swampy in nature or have standing water because mosquitoes like these damp, moist areas very much. If you have built a manmade pond or small stream in your yard then make sure you fill it with plenty of fish as fish have a way of decreasing the insect population.

Insect favorite times

Insects have favorites times of the day and these correlate with the sun. They like to come out in droves just before the sun rises and right after it sets in the evening. Try to avoid being outside at both these times of the day to prevent being bitten by bugs. Many people enjoy both these times of the day, especially during the sweltering summer months before it tends to be cooler during the early morning and evening hours so if you do go outside protect yourself as best you can by wearing a thick shirt with a breathable fabric that has long sleeves. Long summer pants such as pants made of cotton or a cotton blend are the best to wear as opposed to shorter pants, shorts or a skirt.

Protective wear

Thick clothing is not always enough protection as some bugs can bite right through clothing. The insect repellent DEET is recommended to use but be forewarned that DEET is toxic and therefore should be used with extreme caution on small children. When going into the woods or walking through tall grass always wear DEET as well as long, light colored pants.

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