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What to do when you don't like your brother's wife

In the real world, everybody doesn't get along.

If you have a close relationship with your brother, and you cannot find a way to get along with his wife, it can put your brother in a situation where he has to choose which relationship is worth saving.

If you feel that your relationship with your brother is worth more than arguing with him about his wife, you should make the correct steps to get along with his wife.

When dealing with your sister-in-law, you should always remember to treat her like you treat anyone else in your family, because she is now a part of your family. If you treat her the way you want to be treated, it will be easier to sit down and have a genuine good time with her.

Whenever you call their house to speak to him, and his wife answers the phone, you should always say hi to her, and try to strike up a small conversation with her, just to let her know that she's worth talking to and your not ignoring her.

When your brother picks up the phone, you should either tell him to tell her hello, or ask to speak to her and tell her yourself.

When you have free time, ask her out for lunch. Try to not to focus on the things you don't like about her, and focus on the things that you do like about her.

If your brother seems happy with their marriage, tell her how much you appreciate her making your brother happy.

When you two are alone, tell her something nice that your brother has told you about her. When she hears that you and your brother discuss positive things about their relationship, she will feel more like a part of the family, and it will make her feel really comfortable around you and your whole family.

The next time you see her, compliment her on her outfit, and tell her she looks wonderful. She knows how close you and your brother are, and she wants you to think that she's good enough to be in your family.

If they have children, offer to babysit them, so they can have a night out to themselves. Doing this will make her feel that you are interested in helping them have a long lasting, healthy relationship.

Remember that your brothers wife is just as nervous as you are, and probably more than you, so try to take that into consideration. Make her feel that she is welcome to talk to you about anything, and she can come visit you whenever she wants.

Having in-laws can be a tough thing to handle, but whenever you think you have something negative to say, bite your tongue and remember, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all.

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