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Homeschoolers and College

Can Homeschoolers Get Into College?

Yes. Years ago it was difficult for a homeschooled child to enroll in college. However, is is not a problem today. With more than 1000 colleges and universities welcoming homeschoolers, a student should not have any difficulty going to a college of his or her choice.

What About the More Prestigious Colleges?

Prestigious colleges and universities will gladly accept a homeschooler. Check with the school your child is interested in to learn their policy regarding homeschoolers.

Prestigious universities which welcome homeschoolers include Stanford University, West Point, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Northwestern and Amherst.

Can Homeschoolers Get Scholarships?

Yes. Scholarships are available to homeschoolers, as well as public and private school teens. You and your child are encouraged to start searching for scholarships in the junior year of high school.

What Can I Do to Help My Child Prepare for College?

One of the most important things a homeschooling family can do is to start thinking about college in the student's freshman year of high school. Homeschooling parents are encouraged to list a few colleges of their child’s choice and to do research on the admission criteria of each. While your homeschooler may receive an accredited diploma from an umbrella school, many colleges may require additional course work prior to allowing a student to enroll.

Try to plan out your child’s four year high school course work so that he or she will be eligible to enter a college of his or her choice. Many homeschooling parents may find that their child can attend classes at a local community college for those hard to teach classes during the teen’s junior and senior years. These courses can give him or her both high school and college credit.

Many colleges place much emphasis on the scores of ACT and SATs of homeschoolers, as this test is impartial. You can enroll your child in classes which will prepare him or her for these tests.

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