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If you want to take a hike, planning will help ensure your safety and wellbeing.

Tips on Planning a Hike

  • Decide with whom you want to hike.
  • Decide on the general location of your hike. (coastal, mountain, flats)
  • Decide on what activities you want to do.
  • Consider the altitude
    • If you haven't been hiking in a while, hike at a lower altitude. The lower altitude will give your body a chance to adjust to altitude.
    • During the winter months, higher altitudes may have snow.
  • Look at your route options. Route options should include:
    • terrain
    • trail conditions
    • water sources
    • length of the route
    • attractions and activities
    • distance from home
    • location of established camp sites
    • the weather
    • and restrictions, rules, and permits needed to hike at that site
    • estimation of how long it will take to complete the hike
  • Budget your time.
    • If you plan on taking a day hike, make sure you can finish the hike before sundown.
  • Learn the rules of hiking.
  • Leave a copy of your hike route with a contact person.
  • Pack a light backpack of goodies.
  • Be aware of thigh chafing.
    • If you have problems with thigh chafing, try wearing Lycra shorts which are tight around the thigh and will help prevent chafing.
  • Wear proper clothes.

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