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Mama Wants to Help

Holiday Resources...You are not alone!

There are many different resources and opportunities available to many families or individuals that may need help during the holidays. Organizations, individuals, non-profit institutions, charities, and religious organizations are just a few supporters that provide information on how to obtain these resources. Your local fire department, elementary school, YMCA, Salvation Army or Red Cross also are a source of information.

Call or visit your local food bank
Many churches have food, clothing, and toy drives during this time of year. There are many food banks that provide bags or boxes of food during Christmas week to provide families with a Christmas dinner. The local super markets have incentives on purchasing turkeys at a lower price. Soup kitchens are another option. They operate year-round, and especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seek out the assistance of the WIC program if you're not already enrolled into their service.

Toy Drives
Many organizations provide toys for children during the holidays. Toys-for-tots is one of the largest establishments in existence. You can find information about becoming a recipient through your local fire department, Salvation Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and local Toys for Tots campaign coordinators. Submissions can start as early as December 1st of the given year. Toy drives provide a great amount of toys, gifts and donations each year, all around the world for children of all ages

During the holidays many shelters are filled due to weather conditions. If you are in need of shelter there is always one available for you or your family. Seeking shelter can be done on an as needed basis. Shelters provide food, clothing and a place to sleep. Meals and gifts are given during the holidays for you and your child or children.

Essential and basic needs
If you are in need of clothing and personal care items your local church may be able to help you with these needs or provide you with the information on where to obtain them. A local shelter is also a great place to start. Non-profit organizations are a great source of information.

If you know someone who will be alone for the holidays, and need someone or something to make them feel loved, reach out to them and invite them to your family's holiday dinner this year.


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