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Three Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Hair

We all have some bad habits. Here are three common ones that are harmful to anyone who has hair.

Rubbing Your Scalp Too Hard When Shampooing

When you run too hard on your scalp, you not only risk tangling or damaging your hair, you also stimulate the sebaceous glands in your scalp, which are the glands that produce your hair’s natural oils. When you stimulate the sebaceous glands, they overproduce, meaning that your hair becomes oily and dirty-feeling sooner. If you carry on this behavior for too long, you are setting yourself up for a situation where your hair feels greasy all the time. Even if you’re not overstimulating your scalp, it’s not a good idea to wash your hair too vigorously; it is easy to break hair when it is wet, so you should be gentle with it to avoid any loss of hair.

Brushing Your Hair Out Of Your Eyes

Touching your face and hair is a bad habit because it tends to redistribute oils and germs that you pick up; they move around between your hand, face, and hair, so anything that any one of them touched could be on the others in short order. This is a bad habit for everyone, but it is especially dangerous for people with oily skin, such as adolescents, and people who are dandruff prone. Oily skin gets aggravated by repeated contact, and with the spreading of germs it can easily lead to breakouts. Similarly, the presence of foreign germs and dirt in your hair can activate a flare-up of dandruff.


Smoking harms your hair in many different ways. The smoke and heat draw the moisture out of your hair, making it dry and brittle and putting you at risk of split ends and breakage; they also make it more likely that you will suffer from dry scalp or some form of dermatitis. Nicotine is harmful because it retards the growth of your hair, and it may contribute to loss of color as well. The scalp does not respond well to it, and if you become dehydrated, your hair’s health suffers. Smoke also permeates your hair, making it permanently stained and sticky with accumulated tar. Smokers’ hair soon becomes a trap for all kinds of airborne debris and pathogens, so it becomes an even worse idea to play with your hair or push it out of your eyes.

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