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How Stress, Sleep, and Activity Levels Affect Hair Condition

Many people who want salon perfect, shampoo commercial worthy hair think that the best way to get the most amazing hair possible is to buy expensive hair care products with exotic ingredients and enticing scents, when honestly, if you’re not treating your hair well it doesn’t matter how much your hair products cost. There are a lot of women out there paying thirty to fifty dollars for a bottle of shampoo that claims to have animal placenta as an active ingredient, but don’t take care of the most basic hair care tips at home! If you truly want your hair to be its best, here are the three most important things you could possibly do.

Just Relax

There’s a reason people seem to lose hair when they’re severely stressed out— and it’s not just because they’re cartoonishly pulling out their own hair out of frustration. Even cats and dogs have been known to lose their hair when put into a particularly stressful and traumatic position, and just look at the hair line of any recent president before they took office and once they left. When strain is put on your body by severe stress, your body’s instinctual reaction is to put all of the energy and building blocks for the future into storage or burn them immediately as energy— like the adrenaline-inspired fight or flight response, only on a longer term. Because of this, your body doesn’t have the additional building blocks to spend on frivolous things like hair, and the hair that falls out does not get replaced. If you want to keep your hair thick and full, take some time every day to unwind or meditate.

You Need Your Sleep

In this day and age, getting more than a few hours of sleep can be particularly difficult, but if you want to have great hair, it’s a necessity. The sleeping hours are the time when your body performs routine maintenance— sleep is what helps you look your best, because it gives your body the chance to concentrate on nothing but healing, fixing and resting all of your stressed out systems and jangled nerves.

Get Some Exercise

Also useful for healthy skin, it’s important that you exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes twice a week. Blood flow is the secret to eliminating toxins, allowing oxygen to travel to every part of your body and to keeping everything healthy and alive. By taking the time to exercise, you’re ensuring that your scalp gets all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to send your hair production in to overdrive!

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