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Tips For Detangling Your Hair

Everyone has to contend with tangled hair sooner or later. It’s impossible to avoid - it can seem like anything, from a windy day, to a woolly hat, to split ends, dry hair, or bubble gum can cause tangles. It’s easy enough to detangle your hair, though. Just follow these simple steps.

Step One: Apply A Detangler

Spray a detangler on dry hair. If you don’t have a detangling spray on hand, you can use regular hair conditioner, diluted one part conditioner to three parts water. If you’re detangling in the shower, just use some conditioner and finger-comb gently. Rinse most of it out. Continue after you get out of the shower, making sure not to rub your hair with your towel.

Step Two: Separate

Using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, gently section the tangled hair. If the tangle is very severe, you may need to keep sections apart with clips. Work on one section at a time, setting combed-out hair to the side as you finish it.

Step Three: Comb

When you’re combing, take one section and start by combing through just the inch or so nearest the tips. Hold the hair just above the point you’ve combed out, so you don’t tug on the scalp. Work your way slowly toward the root, moving up only when you’ve removed all the tangles below.

If you reach a knot, don’t try to force the comb through it. First, make sure it is saturated with detangler. Then gently test the strands that are in the knot; you will usually find that you can work some of them out of it. If you are lucky, after several strands are removed the knot will collapse. Most of the time the knot will loosen enough that you can separate it the rest of the way with a wide-toothed comb after some of the strands in it are released.

Note: Foreign Objects

If you have a hair elastic, ribbon, scrunchie, or rubber band tangled into your hair, the best way to remove it is to carefully cut the elastic and work as much of it out of the tangle as possible before working on the hair itself.

If you have a sticky substance like gum in your hair, combine two approaches: oil and cold. Ice makes the sticky substance hard and brittle, which may allow you to crumble some of it out of the hair. Use oil instead of conditioner to make the hair extra slippery and get the gum to release.

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