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Care For Curly Hair

It may come as a surprise to you that curly hair requires slightly different care than straight hair - not just because it’s a different texture, but also because of the structure of the hair shaft and your skin chemistry. Curly hair tends to be thinner, drier, and as a result, more brittle and prone to breakage than straight hair, so when caring for your hair, the key elements to keep in mind are keeping your hair moist and treating it gently to preserve its integrity.


The natural oils from your scalp are nature’s best conditioner, and they help keep your hair smooth and glossy. They also help keep the hair shaft moist and supple, cutting down on breakage. Avoid stripping your hair of its protective oils by washing it twice a week at most. Between washes, you can refresh your hair by rinsing it out with cool water.

After shampooing, use a lightweight moisturizing conditioner. You can use a leave-in product if you prefer. Avoid breakage during drying by running your fingers through your wet hair a few times in the shower to shake out most of the water, and then wrapping it in a towel. Unwrap your hair while it is still damp so you can apply product or style it.


Choose lightweight products with moisturizers to give your hair the most flexibility and bounce. Once your hair is mostly dried, work the product in with your fingertips, making sure to pay special attention to the tips, where your hair is at its driest and most vulnerable. Gently finger-comb out sections to create individually defined curls. Avoid using narrow-toothed styling tools; they cause too much friction and will cause your hair to frizz.


Avoid heat whenever you can. Heating dries out the hair shaft more than it should be, resulting in brittle, frizzy hair that easily splits or tangles. Heat styling is very dangerous for your hair, and you should wash with cool water. If you strongly prefer to shower in very hot water, finish your shower by rinsing your hair with very cold water before you dry it. This helps keep in moisture.

Minimize friction and tension to avoid tangles and frizz. Use a wide-toothed comb and blot your hair dry rather than rubbing with a towel. If you put your hair back, allow it to be loose so it doesn’t tug on the roots of the hair.

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