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Green Energy

Green energy generally refers to electricity supplied in whole or in part from renewable energy sources. The most common renewable energy sources used for green energy are wind and solar power, geothermal, hydropower, and various forms of biomass.

Green energy is also called green power.

Green energy and electricity customers

Most electricity customers are offered electricity supply options. More than 50% of retail customers in the United States now have an option of purchasing a green power product directly from their electricity supplier. Consumers can also support renewable energy development through the purchase of green energy certificates.

Green energy and global warming

Global warming is an increase in the near surface temperature of the Earth. Global warming has occurred in the distant past as the result of natural influences. Global warming is a term most often used to refer to the warming predicted to occur as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases.

One of the simplest ways you can have a direct impact on global warming and the environment is by powering your home with green energy.

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